Radiant Heat

Offering Effective and Affordable Radiant Heat Installation Throughout Fort Collins, CO

RPM Mechanical specializes in the installation of all types of hot water heating systems, but encourages new homeowners throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, Estes Park, Red Feather Lakes, and Cherokee Park to use in-floor or panel radiators for the quality of life they provide.

Hydronic Heating Systems

Hydronic heating is a broad term used to describe the different forms of hot-water heat. The most common types are:

  • In-floor radiant heat

  • Radiator heat

  • Baseboard heat

In-Floor Radiant Heat

In-floor radiant heat is widely accepted as the most comfortable and efficient way to heat a home. Hot water passes through a number of tubes located in or under the floor. By passing hot water through the floor, the floor becomes the heat source and acts as a very large radiator.

In-floor heat provides exceptional levels of comfort because it warms the objects in the room, not just the air, creating a sense of overall comfort. Some of the benefits of in-floor radiant heat are:

  • Overall system comfort and quality of life

  • Silent, efficient operation

  • Draft and dust-free environment

  • Can increase the value of your home

Radiator Heat

Panel radiators are one of the most underused kinds of hot-water heaters. We often relate radiators to the large cast iron radiators seen in older homes. These kinds of radiators can provide a very high level of comfort for a home.

The new kinds of radiators, which are installed in Europe on a regular basis, are European-style panel radiators. These radiators are smaller and lighter than the older cast iron radiators and come in a variety of different sizes and shapes depending on the heating needs of the home. The best place to install panel radiators is underneath windows – often the coldest areas in houses.

Panel radiators provide a very comfortable type of heat that warms the objects in the room as well as the air. They are similar to the comfort level provided by radiant in-floor heat, making them the second most desirable type of hot water heating system.

Baseboard Heat

Baseboard heating systems are common heating systems that run hot water through heat emitters located around the perimeter of rooms.

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