Does Your Building Need a Solar-Thermal System Installation in Fort Collins, CO?

RPM Mechanical specializes in the installation and service of all types of solar thermal systems from reputable manufacturers with good service records. Typical solar panels we install are Viessmann, Stiebel-Eltron, Solarhot and Schuco.

RPM Mechanical is continually pursuing new developments in the solar industry to supply our customers with the best equipment for any given application. We serve homeowners and businesses throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, Estes Park, Red Feather Lakes, Cherokee Park, and surrounding CO communities.

Domestic Hot Water Systems

The most commonly installed solar thermal systems on the market today are domestic hot water systems. Domestic hot water systems are usually 1- to 3-panel solar systems connected to 40- to 120-gallon tanks depending on the application and hot water needs of the home. These systems often are sized to account for 60 to 90 percent of a home’s domestic hot water load. Because domestic hot water is a year-round load, these systems can be a great addition to a residential home.

Space Heating Systems

We also install space heating solar systems. These often account for the entire domestic hot water load as well as some of the home.s heating load. Typically, these systems are larger 4- to 12-panel systems that can account for a substantial portion of a home’s heating needs. Space heating systems can make a lot of sense when applied to higher cost fuels. For instance, installing a space heating solar system in the mountains – where propane is the fuel source – frequently can pay for itself within the first 10 years.

Tax Credit Information

Recently passed legislation now allows for a 30-percent tax credit up to the total cost of the system. This applies for domestic hot water and space heating systems.

If you have any questions regarding our solar-thermal system services or if you would like to schedule a service, please contact us at 970-566-7792 today.